Championi, Championi!

Prestwich FC Poem

Prestwich FC founded back in Ninety Nine,
By me and my father and everything's just fine,
Built on a desire to teach kids right,
Keep them off the streets and not wanting to fight,
We now have teams from under 7 to thirteen,
And with over 100 members on football their all really keen,
Funds are raised by parents and friends,
But the need for new equipment just never ends,
A new kit for the boys would be just the best,
(the old one on some, is a bit tight round the chest)
Our under 13's show such desire,
But with only 3 wins some say that we are dire,
The boys have fun and enjoy there football,
And with their attitude and fair play they make me feel 10 feet tall,
A new kit from you would be greatly received,
And show the boys why we always believed.

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